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Cleves Stormwater District 
Recycling & Solid Waste

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Wondering what to recycle in curbside bins, carts or at drop-offs?

t Can I Recycle?

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Village of Cleves -
Residential Recycling Information

This page will provide information from the Hamilton County Solid Waste and Recycling District. We will provide updates to it as a convenience to residents. Please refer to their site for the most up to date information at


2011-2nd half

2012-1st half

2012-2nd half

2013-1st half

2013-2nd half

2014-1st half










Recycling %








RRI** Funds








**The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District divides $1,050,000 annually in RRI funds among Hamilton County communities as an incentive to increase recycling. As a community increases their recycling rate and tons of materials collected, the community receives more RRI funds.

Have Household Hazardous Waste? Call the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for disposal options at 513-946-7766 or visit

Village of Cleves - Solid Waste Information

In 1999, The Village of Cleves adopted Ordinances providing for fees and collection guidelines for waste collection services in the Village. The most recent Ordinance passed was Ordinance #8-2011 outlining the guidelines and procedures for garbage collection. When you sign up for water service in the Village, you are automatically signed up for garbage as well. You cannot opt out of the garbage service. Only businesses located within the Village limits that have dumpsters are not part of our program. You are billed separately for your garbage service and the Village saved our residents a significant amount of money by entering into this contractual agreement for waste collection. For more information about your garbage service, feel free the contact the Administration Offices at 513-301-0054

View the Rumpke Service days schedule for Trash and Recycling HERE.

Surveillance Statement

The Village of Cleves received an EPA grant to buy and install 24- hour surveillance cameras to prevent illegal dumping of items that are not eligible for recycling. Residents or non residents who use our recycling bins for the purpose of getting rid of items that cannot be recycled shall be turned over to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Environmental Patrol Officer to be investigated and possibly prosecuted. The surveillance cameras are equipped with night vision and provide an excellent investigative tool.

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