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Mayor's Update - End of May Events [Corrected 5.23.24]

The American Legion Miller-Stockum Post 485 is preparing to host its annual Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 27, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. This event holds great importance as it allows us, the Villages of Addyston, Cleves, North Bend residents, and all unincorporated Miami Township residents to show our support and gratitude. Memorial Day is a time to thank the military families of those who sacrificed their lives to secure and defend the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  We can honor their memory by being present for the parade and attending the solemn ceremonies at Maple Grove Cemetery.

May 30, 2024- The Cleves Village Council will hold a Special Council meeting at the Cleves Municipal Building at 7 p.m. Residents should be advised that the Village Council voted 4-2 to keep the position of Village Administrator. Since then, we have gathered job descriptions, contracts, salary, and benefits information. The purpose of this meeting is limited because it is a "Special Council" meeting. This meeting will allow public comments on topics. Important to Village residents besides the position of Village Administrator, but the primary purpose is for the council to determine whether to revise the current job description, establish pay and benefits for a full or part-time Village Administrator, choose the type of oversight that will be used to evaluate the administrator's job performance and to create a posting to advertise for the position. The public is invited to attend.

May 30, 2024: For residents within the corporate limits of the Village of Cleves, the deadline to register for the 'Get It to the Curb' event is May 30, 2024. This event, exclusive to Village residents, is a proactive step towards reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills. By disposing of items like refrigerators, old washing machines, batteries, computers, television sets, and electrical corded items that no longer work, we are contributing to a cleaner environment. A complete list of acceptable items can be found on our website, Let's join hands and make a difference!

Those who have registered will receive an email notification confirming the date and time of their pick-up. We want to assure you that we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety and efficiency of this event. We have rented a lift truck to allow us to pick up large items that normally are not recyclable; however, we will also take any metal items. Our recycling partners will pay the Village of Cleves for metal items. Computer data will be destroyed so that we will take hard drives, too. Our $5,000 grant covers all expenses, including the fees associated with removing freon and hazardous chemicals.

PICK-UP DAYS for Get it to the CURB DAYS: June 4-5, 2024. Residents should place smaller items into cardboard boxes. Please DO NOT put your items out at night. Please remember that refrigerators and freezers must be clean and odor-free on the inside.

Cleves Resident Letter 05.22, 2024- Memorial Day Parade
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