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Harrison-Symmes Museum

Harrison-Symmes Museum

Address: 112 South Miami Avenue

Cleves, OH 45002

Hours: By Appointment Only

The Harrison-Symmes Memorial Foundation Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of our local Presidents and caring for the memorial site of our 9th President, William Henry Harrison. 

We have several historical items about President William Henry Harrison, his grandson, President Benjamin Harrison (23rd President), and John Cleves Symmes.

We also have many other interesting "one of a kind" local historical artifacts.

Timing & Location

Admission: FREE! However, we do appreciate donations.

Hours: By appointment only. Please allow two weeks for an appointment for volunteer availability.

The museum is closed for all federal holidays. The museum is staffed by volunteers and is open by appointment for groups including scouts, schools, clubs, tour buses, and private tours. The museum is handicap accessible.

Help Preserve History

The Harrison-Symmes Memorial Foundation Museum is operated by generous donations like yours. To donate to preserve history today mail your check to:

Harrison-Symmes Memorial Foundation

P.O. Box 4

North Bend, Ohio 45052


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